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    1994 spx 650 doesn't start

    the engine starts outside of the water but when you get it in it doesn't do a thing. sometimes it starts but doesn't last for more than a few seconds. also today it backfired, so i'm assumning it has something to do with the timing. any advice will be of great help.
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    could be the rotary valve jumped out of time on the pump shaft. it could also be in the fuel system bad fuel switch/ gas tank vaperlocked try starting it with the gas cap off, could also be the carbs need rebuilding or cleaned.

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    what do you mean by a bad fuel switch and what's vaperlocked. what should it do with the cap off. I was thinking it had something to do with the carbs but it was very clean but how do i know if it has to be rebuild.

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    make sure your battery is good and fully charged. you might want to load test it as well. i wouldn't think it is a fuel problem if it starts out of the water.

    the backfire is not a big deal if it only happened once. if it happens all the time, then you have other issues.

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    the thing is that it starts out fo the water but as soon as you put it in it shuts down instantly. before that it started in the water but you could only go at half throtle. if you went all the way it would shut down instantly.

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    hmmm..ok it shuts down when it hits the is possible that the ski is allergic to water....jk
    sorry but you need to be a lil more specific.
    how is it shutting down? what rpm is it running outside of the water? this could be something as simple as the idle not set right or the carbs needing rebuilt or elcetrical problems.
    is it spitting and sputtering then dying or does it just shut off like you hit the kill switch?

    the fuel selector switch is the on-off-reserve switch/valve they seem to be pretty notorious for getting either clogged or the o-ring inside the valve shifts blocking off the fuel flow.

    vapor locking is when the fuel system won't allow fuel to flow due to a vacuum developing in the tank and not allowing proper fuel flow this is determined by removing the fuel cap allowing air in the tank and thus allowing fuel to flow.

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    when it's out of the water it accelerates like no tomorrow but as soon as it touches the water it just shuts down like you hit the off switch. the switch/valve is disconnected but i think I found the problem, correct me if i'm wrong. I took apart the carb and checked the pump. it appears to be ok but when i poured water on the diaphragm it made a lot of tiny bubbles. is this ok or is this possibly what i'm after.

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    well, first change the plugs and start with fresh gas, when its out of the water is it being flushed? or not under any load...I would start with the carb and just clean it anyway if you have not had it apart in a long time...then check the timing situation. Mike

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