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    Thinking of buying one ! Very KOOL !

    I do not support , condone or have a part in this company ! Check this remote camera out , and it's water proof to boot ! Attaches remotely to your camcorder (hiddin in one of your on board storage boxes ). i'm thinking this is a good ski alternative to dropping my 1300$ camcorder in Lake Michigan.
    Hulk this all you!!!
    Check out some of the sample vid's .

    P.S. They also have a water proof mic. attachment !!

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    I gotta have it

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    I bought something very similar, exact same lens. The guy made my waterproof case when I made the deal to purchase from him. Works awesome except I don't have a remote on and off switch. I've made awesome ATV videos and will make some PWC videos on my next trip to MO.

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    SWEET!!! I'll have to put one on my wish list.

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    Those have been on my wish list for a while now. The key is, if you want an inline remote control for on / off functions your video camera has to have AV inputs for the LANC control to function, otherwise a remote setup wont work.

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