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    2000 Ultra 150 Sits Low In The Water

    The front end of my Ultra sits low in the water (like it wants to submerse) when sitting still or just taking off. After that its ok. Compared to my friend's 2005 Ultra. which seems to ride higher in the water. I have about 15 pds. in the front compartment but thats it. Is this normal? The hull stays dry. So i know its not taking on water.
    Is there something I can do?

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    15 lbs on the front/nose is pretty significant and will do exactly that. has there ever been fiberglass repair to the front or the bottom of the boat ?? most importantly, maybe your reduction nozzle and/or pump components are aiming down in the wrong way - kinda like a auto tilt check the angle of your pump pieces and see if back of the rideplate is shimmed is all i can think of.....

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    To my knowledge there has been no repair to the hull. But i have rebuilt the pump and when i took the nozzole off i marked the spot where the linkage was. However i just bought the ski and had never rode it prevously. I have since made two revolutions in to the linkage to make the nozzle point up a little. How can I find out where factory like settings are?


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    Ultras do tend to be low in the water and 15lbs of gear in the front makes a difference. Even doing the trim mod wont help that.

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