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Thread: GPS Speedos?

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    GPS Speedos?

    I see a lot of you posting GPS speeds. Is there an aftermarket GPS speedo for the 250?

    My stock speedo is a POS. it reads all over the map. The dealer has yet to get it functioning correctly.

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    There is not a speedo replacement that you can buy to replace the factory speedo that I know of. The most popular GPS seems to be the Garmin E-trex and runs around $100.

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    yep I have a garmen e-trex mounted on the top of the glove box ...It gives a true speed reading in like the speedometer on our skis

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    I use the garmin etrex vista cx. I have maps for the whole US loaded on there. Works great for speeds on the water and its great for getting me anywhere I need to go on the road.

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