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    SLT700 sucked up muck, no propulsion

    I have a 1996 SLT700 that sucked up some garbage when a friend went down a creek and it got too shallow, he slowed down to where it sunk down enough and sucked up crap off the bottom, and now it has no propulsion, but still starts fine.

    How would I go about cleaning it out? And can this cause problems in say bearings or something, that I'll need to check? Is this a big job? I was selling it as-is for 650$, but halfway to where I was meeting a guy he backed out, so looks like I might just fix it up and sell it later.

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    First check the intake area for an obstruction on the trailer. Then check the stator for blockage or damaged fins.

    Not a big job at all.... Visual inspection first.

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    Looking it over, there didnt seem to be much wrong just by looking at all. I read on here to pull the pump? 4 long bolts? Maybe I'll give that a try when I get home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velislide View Post
    Looking it over, there didn't seem to be much wrong just by looking at all.
    I read on here to pull the pump? 4 long bolts?
    Maybe I'll give that a try when I get home.
    Did you look down through the intake grate with a good flashlight?

    If the pump sucked up something solid (not just mud), then perhaps the drive shaft splines have been stripped. You would need to remove the jet pump (do a search on here for some tips), and the drive shaft, and examine the splines on both ends, and the impeller and engien coupler, to see if any are worn down.

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    Im at work right now, but I'll look more at it when I get home. If I had to guess, i think the splines on the prop end would be wore down, because it was making a nasty noise when I tried to accelerate when it was in the water.

    Would anyone be able to find me a guide for tearing the drive axe out of it? I'm at work and I suck at finding stuff it seems, lol.

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    look in though the back and make sure there is nothing inside with the impeller. I sucked up some gravel once and all i had to do was put it on the trailer and reach up into the impeller and scrape all the stuff out with my hand. This fixed the problem. It does make a funny noise when this happens it revs up but doesent go anywhere. Also please make sure the ski is not running while performing this.

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    kk got everything cleaned out and fixed, and got the new black seatcover on. The PWC itself is white, with purple trim and a green lid, and a purple lid on the front (the big thing with the gauge on it). What I want to do, is get black bumper trim for it, black lid, and a black trunk cover for the front. Also a black handlebar cover.

    What are my options for this? Heres what it currently looks like. I have some Hydroturf on the way for it also.

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    i would just paint that stuffbut you need to use black Fusion for plastics here is the black paint code i used 2321. after you paint you must let it sit in the sun for a few good hrs to dry completly i did my rub rails on the ski handle bar pad seat grab handle its been over a yr an half an still no chips or peeling good luck

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    Is there a place I can buy all the bumper trim that goes around the outside? I lost the front piece too somehow on the lake lol.

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