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    So how accurate is the stock tachometer?


    I was riding with a felow forum member this week and and he was only turning 7900 RPM with RIVA RXP Stage 1 minus the wedge, so we decided to check his oil level after he had it changed. Come to find out the oil was 1 inch, possibly more, above the top bend on the dipstick. I took enough oil out to get the level halfway between the 2 bends on the dipstick (where it should be). HE GAINED NO RPM FROM THIS.

    So what happened? In my opinion these tachs aren't very accurate.

    STORY #2!

    Completely stock I was turning 8100 RPM. After installing RIVA power filter and intake grate (still stock prop) I was turning 8050~8100 RPM. Now with complete RIVA Stage 1 Im turning 8100~8150 RPM.

    WTF is going on here?

    Im trying another friends aftermarket tach next time I see him.

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    i did exactly what you did. one day i just decided to put on my riva intake grate, after i was done with that i intsalled air intake. at this point it was hot and i didnt particularly feel like putting on prop and wedge. rpms were at 8100-8150 at 71.5. i think the grate had something to do with the missing rpms.. puts more water in the pump. i put my 14/19r and wedge on the next day....73.3 at 8000-8050 (with opas not aligned correctly, getting block offs this week)

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