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    Has anyone tried this...?

    The R&D extended steering nozzle. R&D claims better acceleration and top speed with it. It also seems reasonably priced if it does what R&D claims.

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    Ok, no opinions. I guess I'll get it and test it for next year and report back.

    Kind of a long wait though. Damn.

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    I saw that in a catolog and thought about getting it too but nobody had any info on it.Please post with some info if you get it.Thank's

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    i believe Jarrett tested this item and saw no gain... actually a loss. Check with him, although i could be wrong.

    not to bash R&D, but they are not key players at this point in time in the aftermarket performance sector when it comes to Seadoo 4-strokes. They have little to offer, and the items they do offer are ludacris and/or offered by an alternate manufacturer.

    take for instance the hot air sucking Power Plenum air filter design...

    they make pump wedges, but so does Riva, and Riva is far more active in the performance aspect of skis.

    just my 2 cents

    I too have thought about getting this nozzle, but there are far better products u can burn 100+ bucks on and get a gain.

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    Two of my buds tried it and it did nothing.... It also killed some rpm's... They both have removed them and back to stock...

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