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    ugh, engine seized? what is this metal in the cylinder? Pics

    So i went out today for the fourth time this year since I bought my 00 slx. The last few times I've had it out it seemed to take on a good amount of water. Today I had it out for about 10 minutes, went off a wave, upon coming back into the water the ski started to barely run and made bad noises, after about 2 seconds it stalled and would barely crank. So i drifted in and put it on a cart on teh beach. After putting it on the cart I realized that the bottom had a good 2 inches of water in it. I then took the seat off and tried cranking, it cranked very slowly for a few seconds. My dad then cranked a few minutes later to linten to the noise, and now it wont crank at all. So it'd seem as if my engine is seized? OR what other possibilites are there?
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    Take the spark plugs out, and make sure there isn't water coming out when you crank.

    If you had water inside the hull, the engine might have ingested some water.

    If you have water inside the engine, you need to get it out ASAP, and get plenty of fogging oil into it.

    If you can get it started, then run it on the hose (or in the water) to get it dried out as best you can. MAX two minutes running on the hose, and grease that through-hull bearing before you start.

    Then more fogging oil again.

    If you found water in the engine, also check the crank index (search for other threads describing how), or look in the Service manual.

    If you do NOT have water in the engine, then you probably want to look at the jet pump closely. Look for something jammed in the impeller.

    If nothing is visible, you might need to remove the jet pump and drive shaft, and see if the pump stator bearings have failed.

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    First thing I checked was for water in the cylinders, there was none. It seemed like the engine was making the bad noise, but that doesnt really explain where the water was coming from. I hope its just bad pump berings.

    Oh yea, and when I took the plugs out, they were completely dry, No oil residue at all. Perhaps oil injection quit? But i'd assume the engine dying would have been more gradual.

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    Start filling the hull with water and see where it exits the bottom of the hull. Probably the thru hull fitting.
    Once you find the leak, pull the pump and then see if the engine cranks over.
    Did you notice if water got to the electrical box? Maybe it took on water.
    Let us know what you find.

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    Ok, I have the service manual printed out so I'll take a look on hot to pull the pump / shaft. I have a strong feeling that its the engine...But i HOPE its just pump related.........

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    If it won't crank at all it sounds like your battery. Now as to how was got in the hull....

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    Battery is fine. I hit a wave, came down, it started to lose rpm, and after 2 seconds it died. I just filled the hull up with water, it seems that it is slightly dripping from the trim in the back right corner. I'll go snap a pic of my plugs, They have no oil residue on them at all, and they look burnt, which is why I feel it stopped getting oil.

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    Pic of the plugs. I'm starting to take the pump off now. I'm on aim as ryanbgb22 and have my comp next to me if anyone wants to lend a hand haha.

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    Well, I took the heads off and it appears that the rings on the rear cylinder took a ****. The piston is pushed up against the wall and the engine is seized tight. So what should I do from here? I'm going to take the jug off now. Where is the best place to get rings / piston / jugs?

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    Finally got down to the piston and took the jug off. WTF is this? It looks like big copper shards at the bottom. The rings are intact, however, one is pushed into the piston pretty good. The jug looks fine. Where is this from? The crank?? I REALLY hope not.

    Piece i found is to the right of the piston:

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