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Thread: Towing a tube?

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    Towing a tube?

    Have you ever tried towing someone in a tube behind your Ultra 150? If you have how did you tie it off.

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    They say that you are not supposed to but I have seen it done. They girth hitched it on the black tow loop behind the seat and then the open loop hooks to the tube with the connection block. I don't think this would hold a very big tube though. Maybe a light person but if it got heavy i think it would pull the back of the seat out from the glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsun3701 View Post
    Have you ever tried towing someone in a tube behind your Ultra 150? If you have how did you tie it off.

    i have towed 7 jets skis that broke down, and just today i had a buddy say he could hold on no matter what so i put it behind the old ultra nun the less he made it to the first turn

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    Havnt tried a tube behind the ultra but have towed a couple of skis including a 250x tied to the tow point. The problem I would see is that with a 65 ft tow rope the tuber is going to get drowned with jet wash. With my trim setup I throw a pretty long tail yours may be different.

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    This is all good input, I throw a big tail as well. A tube would have to be really far back. I was just wondering if the black ring thing on the hull would work for towing a person.

    Also today I installed bilge pumps on both my skis. I filled my 95 Seadoo HX with water an gas over the weekend and barley made it back to the shore. Just from a "catch fire" standpoint it would have been nice to empty the ski of gas/oil in the bilge.

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