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    01 gpr 1200 running 45 mph + temp warn

    I`m new at this waverunner stuff because i`ve riding MX forever. Now I just bought a 01 1200 and have been resetting the temp warning. 2 weeks ago I was running 60 to 64. last weekend I was putting around because I had my wife on the back had the temp warning 3 times, once I dumped her off I grabbed some throttle and 44 mph max. Plus the exhaust sounded muffled?
    I ordred a d-plate and sensor from riva and fought through the exhaust removal. Should I remove every bit of exhaust aft of the pipe that holds the D plate. there is chunks of the the catalyst missing. Also since i have this all apart is there anything else I should do. people keep talking about the Stinger I`m not sure what it is.

    Hopefully I`m on the right path here// Thanks

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    you are on the right path. Get all the exhaust cleaned up and bolt it back up.

    The stinger is the entire piece where you disconnect from the boot and down to the waterbox

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    .....just get all the left over catalyst out and the d-plate should fix all your problems!

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    Take out the waterbox (big silver cylinder at the rear of the inside of the hull) and get all the pieces of the cat out of it. Bolt on the d-plate and get the temp sensor in there and you will be ready to go!

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    I suggest you look into a set of waveater clips for the power valves also, this is insurance to a common problem on that ski. you found the other common one already.

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    Thanks for your answers

    I should have this back together this week.
    I`m in Jax Beach Florida if anyone is from here let me know. I`ve been wanting to go to hooters for lunch.

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