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Thread: Dirt in carbs

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    Dirt in carbs

    AS many of you know I have been chasing an apparent lean condition in both my SLX 780 machines after a rather long storage period. After paying a local guy to clean the carbs and doing two top end rebuilds myself, I still saw lean condition. Today I decided to adjust the highs to accomodate and when i backed the high out an 1/8 turn the screw felt loose enough to fall right out. I decided to back it all the way out and when i did I found the spring was full of what appears to be dried gas and dirt. I did not check these when i did my second carb tear down as I had paid someone to clean them. I can only assume that the highs and lows were never cleaned and are likely the cause of my lean conditions??? Would you agree?

    Do I need to replace these o rings or just clean up and reuse? Is there a rebuild kit available? Any suggestions. Im going today to this guys shop to get my money back for the carb cleaning thats for damn sure.

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    Rebuild kits are available for roughly $45 each. Or you can buy parts seperately since most kits have alot of parts you won't need for 38mm Super BN. The O rings are included in the rebuild kits, but new needles and seats are not. Plus you will need 1 kit per carb and you need 3 kits total.

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    I really think they can be cleaned up. Nothing seems damaged but they are dirty with dried up gas. I would think they should be able to be cleaned.

    I called the guy that cleaned them initially. He claims he went over the carbs completely but couldnt explain the gas deposits. Were going to come to an agreement or he is going to have an accident!

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    dude i bet you thats how the inside of your carbs look too.............

    i did I found the spring was full of what appears to be dried gas and dirt.

    i'd take them carbs out and rebuild them myself......

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    is that what ended up the reason for your machines to crater too? I originally thought the carbs would be bad after such a long sit so I paid this dude 3 bills to remove and clean. I carried them down there yesterday and about threaten to kill the cat if he didnt repay me..which he reluctantly did. In any event, I took them apart a second time when I couldnt explain the lean condition. Everything was spot on clean but I never pulled out the high or low speed adjusters as I didnt want to mess with the tuning. Hopefully I can clean them out real good now and set a little rich for a good running trouble free machine. My fear however, is that I have already done a little damage to the mag cyl on the first machine which I have been running. The compression on that cylinder is a little lower than the others...Truth be told. If this turns out the be the ultimate fix to the machines than so be It. I will happily bore out that cylinder and rebuild one final time if it will be the end of this madness

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