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    Hull Improvements

    Has anybody tried roughing their hull with 80 grit sandpaper to create less friction or pressure at high speeds (70 to 80 mph)? Filling the ride plate holes is an definate improvement. Has anyone tried chemically treating the bottom of the hull to create an aspiration effect?
    Jerry- thanks for the sponsons

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    I know that Group K always recommended it on most of there Sleeper Kits.
    I've been always pondering the idea on my RXT. I've done it on my 750zxi & 650sx with good results. I'm sure it should be no problem on our RXP/RXT.
    Anyone on the board done this yet?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muddy River
    Jerry- thanks for the sponsons
    I found that other little allen head nut thingy. Im going to put it in the mail to you tomorrow

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    From my experience in boats this wil not work on RXP/RXT as most of the hulls life is spent out of the water. On river boats (like my southwind) I have a speed coating to airate the water (less surface to hull contact - less friction) but my hull spends its entire life almost completely in the wet stuff.

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    I used 600 then 1000 using front to back strokes. Mainly to get rid of minor scratches on the bottom. Not sure of the speed gain. I've heard it helps with the tracking also

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