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    GP1300R TPS (2003 Model) NO SPARK

    Hi....please can anyone tell me how to test the TPS on my 2003 GP1300R because I have no spark ? I have the stinger removed but the exhaust mid section (U Bend) is still in situ.
    Would I be right in saying that the TPS is the switch at the front end of the fuel rail & not the switch located directly below the throttle cable where it attatches onto the fuel rail (think this one is the throttle switch right ?).
    Could both be faulty & if so how do I distinguish which one is defective ?
    If the TPS swich is the one at the front then it looks to be an absolute nitemare to get to & replace.
    Would I be best removing the exhaust U bend to make testing/replacement of the TPS much easier ?

    Stinger is removed at this point in time but it still has the two sensors attatched to it, I understand that the lower water temp sensor can also kill the spark if defective,, so my question is how do I test for spark now these sensors are out of the ski ?
    I'm convinced that the no spark issue is down to a sticking or faulty TPS but I know very little about testing it, replacing it & setting it up correctly.
    Many thanks....any help greatly appreciated

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    The TPS has nothing to do with the spark, it's use for fuel. It's the one bolt to the first throttle body. You have to have the lower water temp plugged in, just remove it from the pipe and connect it up. Why it's out ohm it out, check your Manuel for the spec's
    Check your display for codes. Turn it over so the display is powered up and push and hold the button. Look for codes, 01 is system pass
    Also the sensor (black) next to the throttle cable is an off the throttle kill,
    Give it gas and it wont start
    Hope this helps

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    Hi Mike....many thanks for the follow up with info re the TPS on my GP1300R.
    I do have the 01 code on the front LCD display after holding down the "Select Button" for 8 seconds which would suggest that all is well but in fact I still have no spark on any of the 3 HT leads. The spark plugs are all fine coincidentally.
    Just the other day I backed the throttle cable right off at the handlebar end & then I gently pushed the throttle wheel/linkage in a downwards position. The linkage did move downwards somewhat at this point in time. I tried for spark once again by turning her over with plugs removed & pushed into the plug caps & the spark had returned. After this I thought I had cured it so I refitted all 3 plugs & HT leads & the ski stopped & started around 10 times before losing the spark once again. I had tried everything previously & could not get this thing to spark & yet as soon as I moved that throttle linkage the spark appeared as if iby other words Mike it was just far too coincidental for it NOT to be either the throttle switch or TPS at fault.
    Could I definately discount the THROTTLE SWITCH being at fault ?? Is this the switch that springs into action when the lanyard is removed or Red Stop Button pressed & thus killing the engine. I managed to get the end of my finger under the "Throttle Switch" & the rocker part on the underside moves backwards & forwards freely & always returns to it's natural position.
    Im absolutely certain that the TPS is causing my spark fault but the TPS is a pig to get to. Is it best to remove the whole section of exhaust that wraps around the front (U Section). I'm sure this would give me some much needed extra space to work with .
    I really have no info how to test this switch & although I know the throttle bodies need to be fully shut internally but I am unable to see what position they are in at present
    Many thanks Mike....any info is truly appreciated Sir. Have a nice day & weekend

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    I think it's phillgpr that has the manual on his site for download, the link is in his signature. There are 2 set screws on the TB's , one is for the idle and the other is the off throttle kill. If the OTK is out of adjustment it wont start. To check the tps there is 3 wires, black (ground) one 5 volt and the other is data return to the ecu. Place a volt meter from ground to date return. With the display powered up you should see around 0.8 at idle.
    To remove the TB,s you can leave the u pipe in. Just remove to 2 bolt from the side mounts and the 3 clamps from the rubber boots and remove the complete ass.

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    Hi Mike....many thanks for the info re the TPS etc etc.
    Please could you tell me which colour wire on the TPS is the 5 volt & which one is the data return wire ?
    When you say check the voltage at idle do you mean when the engine is on tick-over....I'm assuming that's what you mean but I will be unable to do this because I have no spark in the first instance anyway.
    I was also on the understanding that the TPS WILL kill the spark if the throttle bodies havn't returned to fully closed position ??
    Mike you also mention about two adjustable set screws, please could you identify their exact location, are they hex bolts, allen screws etc etc ?
    Thankyou Mike....have a good day Sir

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    Orange is 5 volts and pink is the return. The engine doesn't have to be running but the system has to be power up (display on) When I say idle I mean don't give it any gas. NO the tps will not kill the spark but the off throttle switch will, it's the black switch on the TB right at the cable. the adjustment screw are there also, there alan screws with lock nuts

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    Hi Mike....many thanks for your continued help & advice. I'll be heading down to the workshop on Tuesday & I will check out what you have mentioned. I'll check the TPS on the multimeter.
    You ask: "is the black switch right on the TB ?"

    All I can tell you Mike is that yes I can see it & I've had my finger end on the underside of the switch where I can feel some kind of lever or rocker. This does appear to move freely & also seems to return to the same position when I remove my finger (as if the lever was spring loaded or de-energized so to speak)

    Thankyou Mike & please stay in touch....looks like I'm gonna need you once again !!

    Have a nice day Sir

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    Hi....just an update re the "NO SPARK ISSUE" on my GPR1300.
    Took the air box & throttle bodies off & I believe one of the throttle's has been sticking partially open. Have given the entire throttle body unit a good clean up & everything seems to be working freely.
    Am currently waiting for one or two parts from the dealer before re-assembly but I do have spark back at this point in time.
    Thankyou for your help, advice & commitment
    Great forum Guys....keep up the great work !!

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