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    Bought a 2004 RXP Locked up motor.a few ??

    I thought I would start a new thread for this... First off I want to say thanks for everything, this site has been a great source of knowledge, and learning... here we go..

    ok i can tell you guys now.... i bought a 2004 rxp with a locked up motor .. blown rod thorugh case...(water ingestion due to carbon seal problem...) i could not pass up on the deal. Thanks to you guys, I was able to bring my 1999 gsx key, and of course an extra battery to hook up. The ski showed 36 hours. When I got there the supercharger was just sitting there in the hole/ unbolted... so i pulled it out. to my suprise it looked brane ned still, and all the washers were there. the bad news is no oil on the dip stick, but plenty under the motor! The owner had the title, and it was all legit. He is going to send me the key when he goes to his place at the river in a few weeks, if not then I will bite the bullet $60 for key and re program... I have a few questions though, I have been reading a lot about the knock sensor update, And I did not see the additional harness by the mpem.. When the tech hooks this up to the buds to reprogram the key, will it automatically update the ecm? Secondly, I have not torn it apart yet to see what all happened, but I'm sure it's not good. I pulled the valve cover last night, and no dropped valves, and the timing chain is still there, so it has to be a bottom end problem. I have been browsing for high performance crankshafts, and rods. Does anyone make them? I would like to really beef the bottom end now since i have to buy all new crap anyways... Thanks again for all your help guys...@!

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    Stock bottom end is a brick outhouse. JMO

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    yep sounds like a bunch of water got ingested and bent/broke a rod... common occurance. A friend of mine did the same exact thing in a 1995 Acura Integra GSR. The block and head was not a pretty scene in that case.

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    I've got a block, pistons, rods, and crank....if you are interested.

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    yea... um.... ur far away from needing a key or even caring about what happened inside....

    you better find a set of good cases first...

    or pull your head off and see if it got smacked or not... if it didn't take a shot, then look for a complete shortblock maybe...

    and as extreme DK said... stick to the stock bottom end, dont try anything aftermarket or new, so long as you keep water and supercharger parts out of the motor, the bottom end is built like a tank

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    well, got it all torn down last night, all I can say is the 4 stroke is way easier to work on then my 951 two stroke... I pulled the motor and pump out in 45 minutes.. with a forklift of course.. anyhow, the rod broke completeley in half, and wasted the cases... i need some if anyone can help..from what i can gather this thing must have ingested a lot of water due to rust inside the cylinder walls... so my guess is that it bent the rod first then wham... the head was untouched anyone ever use a 4 stroke motor from sbt? I have used quite a few of their two stroke motors, and cranks without ever having a problem... the only thing is that it kind of reminds me of getting a rebuilt motor from auto zone or kragen... not the highest quality rebuild, but I like the fact of the no questions asked warranty... i will post some pictures later of the grenade...

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    IMO SBT is plain Junk, I would stay very far away from them.
    Find a good used short block and build from there.

    At a minimum your crank needs to be checked out, new rod, piston or pistons, rings, oil pumps, seals and bearings and machine work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 FAST VE View Post
    IMO SBT is plain Junk, I would stay very far away from them.
    Find a good used short block and build from there.

    At a minimum your crank needs to be checked out, new rod, piston or pistons, rings, oil pumps, seals and bearings and machine work.
    Why is the SBT junk? Anyone else have issues with this company? Was planning on buying a crankshaft for my RXP from them.

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    I have bought quite a few sbt two stroke crankshafts, and a couple of motors. I have never had a problem with the stuff I bought, and who else is going to give you a warranty with no fault or questions asked? Now on the flipside, if you have the intensions of modifying your ski for higher rpm, their motor might not be the best choice for you, however I don't see any reason why their crankshaft wouldn't work for you. Sometimes when you buy a sbt motor, there is some weird stuff like helicoils, or maybe the cases have been re-welded, etc.... imo

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