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    my Yamaha FX140 02 wont START !!!

    Hi. Last week i tried to start my yamaha fx140, after a long while, near batterie was empety it last started, and worked the whole weekend. No a Week later, It will not start ?? no after to batteries , empty, and it will not start ? Why ?

    Full fuel, not full with oil, but does it has any diffrens ?

    When i start, the display beeps to times fastevery time ?

    What can be wrong ? What Can i do ?

    Last week i get it stared after a while, but today, nothing hapend ?

    Please, help me

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    I had a similar thing happen on my 04 FX HO. Never quite sure what caused it but pressing the unlock on the remote fixed it. Is the engine cranking but not firing or not even cranking?

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    Is the engine turning over?

    When you hit the start button does the gauge turn on?

    when you hit the start button does it make a Click sound?

    On my gpr I had a few problems a couple of times..

    1: It wouldn't turn over, and the gauge wouldn't turn on.. and a cable was disconnected.

    2: The gauge would turn on, but the motor wouldn't turn over

    3: When I hit the start button, it would click once, but not turn over or anything..

    1: Check your connections to your engine, and to your battery... make sure everything is nice and good and tight, nothing is loose.

    2: If the gauge turns on, it is getting power from the battery, you might want to take your battery out, and charge it over night.

    3: If it clicks like mine did, it is getting some charge somewhere. But you probably have a connection that isn't "tight". I had a ground wire on my case that felt like it was finger tight... I tightened it, and it was good and started!

    I don't understand, you have no fuel in the ski? Not very much fuel?

    Go add more fuel, one time I didn't have enough oil, added oil and it started!

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    hmmm...yes, it seems like it will start, but not...sometme it almost will start for 1/2 sec, but not...

    I have tested today with 2 batteries, and they are now empety, and i will charge them tonight....

    I will check all the connections tomorrow...

    Can i start in on the trailer, not in water ? just to se if it starts, and the turn the engine off ?

    WHat else can be the problem ?

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    what more problems can it be that the yamaha fx140 wont start?

    I have a full tank, but not full oil, maby i will check it, but what else, more than the seems like it will strat, but not...??

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