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    2003 gtx question

    When you're done jet-skiing and pulling it out of the ramp, is it a good idea to run it for a few seconds while it's out of the water or shouldn't you do that.

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    Good to run it for a couple secs to blow the water thats left out...

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    We run ours for a few seconds with a couple of slight throtle bumps to clear out the water while on the trailer before we hit the road.

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    Running the ski out of the water to blow out the exhaust water was the recommended proceedure for the 2 strokes. The 4-tec owners manual doesn't mention this at all. It takes a 4-stroke a few minutes to build up oil pressure and lubrication to the engine parts. With a 2 stroke the oil is injected with the fuel and lubrication is instantanious (spell ?) On a cold 4-stroke, reving up the engine to clear the exhaust could possibly do more harm than good unless it is done immediately after the ski is removed from the water and while still "hot".


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