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    RXP Hull Same as 3 Seaters?

    About to buy an RXP...Just rode a heavily modified Kawasaki Ultra 150 and had a blast, then rode a GTi and went to sleep. The Ultra was light, had a small hull, and jumped waves really well...the GTi doesn't really "jump" waves, per se...

    Anyways, I know the RXP's are fast, but can they jump waves or do they just plop down like the GTi' they share the same hull?


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    Different hull between the RXP and GTI and big HP difference

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    RXP's can get some serious air wave jumping!! Just trim up , pull back and hammer down at the base of the wave, and your launching way up. A pump wedge helps for even more air I wave jump all the time....Great fun.

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    The new GTI hull (2006) is different from the RXP. The older GTI, 2002 (or 03) up to 2005 uses the same hull as the RXP with only minor changes. The difference in HP will make the RXP jump a lot better than the GTI, but it will NEVER be a much fun or as playful as an Ultra. It will feel huge in comparison. I remember back in 1999 when I purchased an seemed big and heavy compared to skis of that day. Now it feels like a toy compared to todays barges !


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