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    2003 gtx problem

    Hi I'm new to this waverunner thing so bear with me please. I have a 2003 gtx supercharged 3 seater that acted wierd for me this weekend. When going like 25mph and then hitting the accelerator to go faster it would just rev up but wouldn't gain harldy any speed. It aslo can't pull a 250 lb. guy out of the water for water-skiing. To give a comparable example, it sounded as if a boat had the trim up too high and tried to take off. I just bought this ski this past fall with 8 hours on it and now it has 50. It always made that sucking noise when pulling a heavy skiier but this weekend it made the same type noise just accelerating while I was on plane. Sorry for the post being so long, just hoping someone could tell me what is wrong with it because warranty is soon up. Thankx in advance!

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    You may want to take the ski in to the Stealership and get it worked on under warranty....never know, you dont wanna wait too long then have to deal with repairs out of warranty

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    That was my next step. I just wanted to see if this was a common problem because my dad just bought an 03 and while his acts fine while on plane, when mashing on the throttle from a stand still, his acts like it is sucking air or not biting into the water also and makes a similar sound as mine but his only does it for a little till it gets on plane.

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    I have the same ski. I was told by the guys on here to check my wear ring. Sure enough it was shot. Lay under your ski and look through the intake grate toward the impeller. You will see the white plastic wear ring. It will probably be all chewed up.

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    Your wear ring needs replacing.

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