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Thread: 05 gtx ltd

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    05 gtx ltd

    ok gtx ltd 215 hp
    problem is won't reach over 6500 rpm plugs are white and at around 3000 rpm pops thru the intake.
    supercharger is good, fuel pump is good, fuel rail and injectors are good, tps is good impeller and wear ring are good compression is even on all cyl. intercooler is good, flushed fuel system just in case any moisture.
    my guess is lean condition due to what i don't know. anyone have this issue. obviously no codes also........

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    How do you know the supercharger is good? What is the slip moment? What is the compression on all cylinders? Leak test results?

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    i'm a seadoo tech and i did all the tests. pretty much the techs that we call at the factory are stumped to. i am leaning towards timing, the glory of it is there is a twin to this machine on the same trailer so i am doing what i completely hate and yell at my other techs for doing, swapping parts. believe me i think its a crappy way of being a mechanic but when the customer is breathing down your neck and its been to 3 other dealers and they have no clue what is wrong.
    Leak down has not been down yet. monday will be that test. compression w/no throttle opening just was curious on the differentials and they were 135 across the 3

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