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Thread: 2007 or 2008

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    Question 2007 or 2008

    I've got a dealer in my area that has some 0 hour 2007 ultra 250s left. I'm just wondering if the 2008s are really much better then the 2007s, or if its just that the guys with the 08's just had a good heads up as to what issues to look for? Thanks!

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    get the 08, save you some mods.

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    I owned both.
    Tha answer is:
    2008 2008 2008 2008 2008

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    My 08 is much better than 07 I used to run. Much better fuel consumption, seat is stronger and a few other newer mods on 08!!

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    Oh that depends on what you want to do to it.

    07 have alot more fuel and the Ventalation can on it. So if your going to put more boost to it then the 07 has more fuel to deliver. 07 also has the vent box off the crank case so that when you add the pulley that reqiures the vent kit then its all there for you.

    If your plans are stock or mild mods then the 08 is a better choice.

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    Re: 07

    This has been implied but don't forget 6 official recalls on the 07 from Kawasaki (not including the notorious sloppy grease/silicone pump application issues). It wouldn't suprise me if the dealer sold you an 07 out of the crate and not only didn't perform them but didn't mention them either.

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    Id get the 07 and have extra money leftover for fuel and goodies. My 07 ROCKS! The green looks awesome though.

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    ok you hearted from all above guys..go for 08 if you are not planning to do some serous modifications, but if you can safe a good amount of money get 07 and spend the difference in modifications, also i like 07 colors than 08 the silver/blue look better that 08 blue...if you are getting 08 get green one it's the best choice color and look in 08 color range in my opinion
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    I ended up with the silver and blue 07. I've already ordered the Oil contamination Management System. What other things should i get right away. I'll worry about the performance upgrades untell i get a feel for the ski.
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    Congrats, make sure you check the oil level and also check the exhaust clamps.

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