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Thread: Gelcoat Color

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    Gelcoat Color

    My brother had a new lift installed and asked me to take my ski over and try it out. I took it over loaded it up and found out that the guy that made the lift put too long of lag bolts in from the bottom . It wasn't long enough to stick thur the carpet untill I loaded the bike.It damage my hull with 2 deep gouges. I am hoping to find the correct color match for it. It is a 2005 GTXSC. I am hopeing the lift guy will pay to fix it but I'm not holding my breath {estimate was $500}
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    OEM supplier of color matched Seadoo gelcote... I ordered a gallon of it a few weeks ago to gelcote the entire bottom of my hull after it was trued. Color is dead on perfect.

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    they sell a color match kit that you fill the hole with and do not have to worry about patching then spraying.

    Call to order it is not listed on the site.

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