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    Interesting story involving Jrod

    I just felt I had to share this. Moderators, you can move it to the general discussions or classifieds if you feel the need.

    So I was recently in the market for a HO pump. I apologize to the couple people that I went trigger happy on and said I would buy it then opted out.

    Jrod said for the $475 + shipping it included the 2" ext., 30" driveshaft, prop, etc. So I said to myself "damn, that's pretty good since the last one I bought was $675 with the same stuff".

    So I pay the $475 and wait for him to ship it so I can pay the shipping costs. He gets back to me and says it's $80 to ship. I look at the tracking details and he was charged for 38lbs. So I get a rate quote and it turns out he selected 3 day express instead of normal ground shipping (only 4 days). I was a stubborn @$$, I'm not going to lie, and said there's no way I'm paying $80 for it considering I've shipped pumps before and know they aren't $80. And that I also didn't ask for any express type shipping. So I met him near the middle at $50. The whole time he's saying he doesn't even care because he has to pay for a funeral. What an @$$ I felt like.

    That's not the end either. I check the tracking # today and it says the package was delivered yesterday at 3:30 PM. So I call Fedex and say I don't have the package, yet it was delivered. Turns out they delivered it to Harris ave instead of Harrison ave (in a completely different city). So instead of my house in the suburbs, the package was somewhere in the city where it isn't the nicest location.

    The Fedex guy goes and picks the package up today from where it was delivered yesterday. Rings my doorbell 2 hours later with my package. What a relief!

    I opened it and was astonished at the pump. I had no idea Jorge was including a transom plate. This thing was complete to the T. Every single nut and bolt.

    So now all I have to do is buy a Dynafly and have it re-pitched to what I need.

    After realizing what a great deal I got (in my eyes atleast), I decided to send the rest of the $30 for the 3 day express shipping to Jorge (even though it ended up taking 4 days anyway).

    I hope all is well between us two and no negativity.

    Basically, Jrod is a great guy and he's going through a tough time. His mistake and my stubborness didn't help. But everything should be all set and squared away now.

    That's all. Just wanted to share this hectic story that unraveled this week.

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    I thought this was turning into a bad horror stress buy from hell..

    but ended up being good!!

    I am super glad!

    good story fiz

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    A Man Is Only As Good As His Word.u Da Man Sizzly.=d>

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    Thumbs up

    First of all i wanna thank you for being considerate in these bad times for me. Iam a man of very few words so pardon me if i make this short.Jfizzel is a stand up business man he was very understanding and made this transaction very pleasant for me. Thanks Again Jorge Rodriguez
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