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    deleting oil injection

    To delete this, can i just take the oil drive shaft out of the mag housing? or do i need to do more

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    I did that on my 96 XP800. But I didn't stop there. I popped the small lines off the pump then plugged and tie-strapped them using ball joints from R/C car steering tie rods. The threaded portion fit the lines perfectly and the ball insures one heck of a good seal. The large line going into the bottom of the pump I pulled off and plugged as well, I just pushed on a rubber cap plug for hose fittings and tie-strapped it too. Leave the two other large lines though that run under the engine as they lubricate the rotary valve. There are tons of ideas out there...I'm just mentioning what I did and I haven't had a problem in that dept. Just everywhere else

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    alright thanks

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    I did just about the same thing, I took out the drive gear and sealed off the lines going into the intake then sealed off the lines from the pump

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