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    How many hours on your ULTRA 250???

    I currently have 20 hours on mine and haven't had any probs except for the plugs fouling when it was new. Now, I def have the " Gas in Oil issue" and I have been changing it every 10 hours or twice already and really have lost confidence in the boat. I know that the oil quality is fading quickly as gas mixes in with it. I just want to know if kawi will ever have a fix for this or if anybody knows if they are currently working on a fix. I don't want to buy any aftermarket part to fix something that they should fix for me and the dealers say it's normal.

    I was hoping to keep it 100 hrs and then upgrade and I am now thinking of getting rid of it for something that does not have thuis problem. I know none are perfect but we are talking about gas in the oil which is a very major issue as well as coslty to change every 10 hours.

    I really like it but I am strongly considering a sea-doo since my buddy bought one the same day I bought mine and he's faster and their is no gas in the oil. I just can't get over the fact that gas is getting into my oil every time I drive it. It burns my ass!

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    44 hours and had to go to the dealer for GIO. and yes they SHOULD FIX IT"

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    hour 78, pump bearings gone, drive shaft pushed through thrust washers, impeller rebuild and new pump care of warranty. idler pulley replaced at hour 75, other than these two, the usual hoses and clamps, and the sliding air horn trick.

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    keep on your dealer. they will call kawi and prob change out your rings or rings and pistons. however in the meantime buy a 40 dollar self oil extractor, its quite easy to change the oil. dont worry about the filter everytime either. takes about 15 mins.

    i have the same issues as you and have been on my dealer and they are doing something about it now. but also i have 325 hours and actually enjoy changing my own oil every couple weekends. but if u want a seadoo, go for it. i had an rxt before and will def. keep the ultra. the prob with the bombardier products is they ship from canada and because there are so many Seadoos it takes forever to get something done. in my personal experience anyways.

    Now if you have the blue ultra 250, definately get rid of it. the blue ones definately dont work right

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    7hr on my 08 dont know about GIO yet but things look good and it runs awsome... best buy ever... But just one question. is it best to check the oil while the boat is on the water and warm or on the trailer cold?

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    I am not kean on them cracking my engine open to change the rings since I have a lack of trust with my dealer. They always have new mech's their and they are like 14 years old. Not to say they can't do it but I can prob do it just as good and that don't say much.

    I don't think the rings are causing this issue although I can be rong? Can anybody confirm why the gas is entering the oil pan with a reasonable explanation? I am not dis-satisfied with the kawi's overall quality it's just that this is a major problem and they should be fixing it and making us aware of why this is happening. They know 100% the cause but the cost of replacing all of our engines would be mind boggling?

    I guess for now I will deal with it until I walk in to the sea-doo dealer and trade her in. That could be very soon if they do not have a fix since I shouldn't have to dish out 50 bucks every ten hours to save my engine on my 15k jet ski that is under warranty where's the logic behind that kawi?

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    the sho GIO is even worse. we have a rental guy that has a 250 with 377 hours and has had 1 belt now. he goes 50 hours between oil changes and the motor is almost 2 quarts overfilled every time from boost causing GIO. But no motor damage yet

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    I have 76 hours and I have the GIO problem bad, I change my oil every 10-20 hours. I run about 9.5 psi and can't find the boost problem though I am about to just give up

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapper455 View Post
    the sho GIO is even worse. we have a rental guy that has a 250 with 377 hours and has had 1 belt now. he goes 50 hours between oil changes and the motor is almost 2 quarts overfilled every time from boost causing GIO. But no motor damage yet
    Why doesnt that foul the guy's intercooler? As soon as my oil level rises, intercooler fouls. Just a couple of hours at 1 quart high and my intercooler is toast. If it was just a matter of adjusting oil level, it would not be so bad. But my performance goes right out the window as soon as oil level rises and ic fouls, which is every few hours. (But hoping OCMS will cure). Can you explain "boost causing GIO?" I'm sorry if I missed this before.
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    07 with 22 hrs on it and no gas in oil yet . Ski runs great and is IMO the best looking ski on the water .
    Go Big Red !!!!!!!!!!!!

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