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    750 xi

    Well my new exhaust comes in today, Got a brand new coffman rocket exhaust off ebay for my 94 750 ss xi, While i was in there i was planining on taking to motor out and putting all new seals in it, My question is while its out should i put a new top end on it or leave it. It has 155 psi about in both front and rear. Or just replace the seals and call it a day.

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    If both compression tests equal out I say do it! As long as it's not a retarted high hour boat you should be fine... If not short blocks are cheap!

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    750 xi

    What kind of rpms are u getting with the pipe? I have a 750 xi with cofffan pipe, r&d head, carbon fiber reeds, ported cylinders, msd computer, r&d timing advance, r&d grate and plate, and solas imp. I cant get more than 6200rpm. I swapped the carbs to mikuni bn and no difference

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    if i can recall, on that set up run a 13/18 solas super camber. if u are gonna try the pipe with a stock prop, you will be very disappointed. do u have twin carbs or single ? with the prop i said and the pipe, u are at 4-5 mphs increase over your stock set up (w/twin carbs)

    while your at have the head cut to run 175-180 psi. i had this set up and i loved the way it pulled outta the hole.


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    Running twin carbs. 180psi on both cylinders.

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