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    Cool water box questions

    i have a 96 speedster and it is my first dealings with jet boat/ ski motors i have delt with 2 strokes before..... and i was wondering exactly what the waterboxes primary job is? is it basicly a muffler or does it control the exhaust wave ....... and are their any mods or upgrades for them? just a curous question

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    Try this...

    From what ive understood, its just a mufler. The accoustic waves are controlled by the water that is injected into the pipe.

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    will this work with a two stroke
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    Yes, simply removing some of the baffles on any mufler(water box) will increase exhaust flow and most likely noise as well. If it were me, I would buy some old stock water box to cut up. that way, if you didnt like it, just replace with the original.
    When I was working on moddong my exhaust. All I ended up dooing was remove the resonance hoses(a hose that is capped off at one end to cancel out sound waves). This allowed the exhaust to flow directly out of the water box and through the hull. pretty easy to do and sounds a little better also. Just replace the T fitting with an elbow fitting.

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