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    How are these spak plugs looking?

    I called my service guy and just mentioned the issues I'm haveing with my 05 GTX Ltd 87hrs.

    When I start the machine cold, it runs rough, studders badly. And after a 10 min Lagoon ride to get out to the bay, I go 50% throttle for a 100yds, then WOT, and its only hitting low 50mph/gps. After about 40 min. the machine seems to be running normal. He went on the track of spark plugs, and if I chaged the spark plugs this year. I said I didn't, then he asked if I fogged the engine in the winter, I said YES. He then exclaimed that when I start the new season, I should replace the spark plugs because the fogging would have fowled the plugs...

    Okay..fowled plugs...possible reason for the crappy performance. I could see that maybe they would need to get really hot to work close to normal.

    Just swapped out the plugs with new NGK replacements. Will be up and out on the ski tomorrow at 7am to see how she runs.

    I also filled my ride plate holes....I thinkg I sanded too much...I removed the rough coating on the plate around the holes from sanding...hole it doesn't rust now.

    Here's the plugs...Left plug is the stern, right plug is the bow. Let me know it they look ... not right! lol The lower threads were very...wet with fule...???only other observation I can give.

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    They look about the same as mine usually do. Not to white but not too brown.

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