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    Shimming Ride plate Pics?

    I have found several instructions on shimming ride plate, but does anyone have pics so I can see the placement of the washers. I know to place them in the front for speed, but just want to make sure and see how it all lines up when it is done!! Thanks

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    I doubt anyone has pics but basically you want to put washers in between the rideplate and the hull. No way to take pics while it is installed.
    Just make sure your rideplate does not hang lower than the pump shoe. there should be a small step so there is no drag. Drag=mph loss

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    Whether your using the stock rideplate or aftermarket plate you will need to shim the front of the rideplate by adding very thin washers to the front 2 bolts. When doing this look under the ski at where the pump shoe and ride plate come together. Then you can get fancy with grinding angles and shimming some more, tuning, and repeating this until you find your sweet spot.

    Since the ride plate is on a different angle from the pump shoe you will be able to hold a level or straigt edge level to the pump shoe. The ride plate should be as close a possible to the level, but not touch or lift the level off of the pump shoe. This sound a lot more difficult than it is. Just look around the bottom of the ski and you should see this pretty easily. Just make sure nothing hangs below the pump shoe.

    Good Luck

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