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    BREAKIN and GAS????

    hey guys im new to this whole jet ski thing..

    i have a 2008 Kawasaki STX 15f.

    Ive been reading that I have to break it in. What does that mean?

    what type of gas should i use. the dealership said that i can use regular but my friends who have jetski's tell me to use the SUPER (92) for the maximum HORSEPOWER...

    I also was reading that you can Upgrade the jetski to get more horsepower. since i just bought mine from a dealership i guess i have a STOCK JETSKI. what can i do to get the maximum power out of this jet ski?

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    First off Break-In period is when you first get your Ski. The motor is new and the book want you to take it easy on it for about 5 to 10 hrs of riding.

    My suggestion would be to ride it hard and fast to get broke in good.

    As for gas? You wont notice much of a differance between 87 and 92 on the 15F, with that said its up to you how you spend your money at the pump.

    About making it fast? Take your time with that and read alot of whats in the Kawi Forum as there is alot of usefull information that most of us dont want to have to keep repeating. Reading through the thread titles usually gets you the info your looking for.

    Oh and Welcome to GH.

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    Thanks for the heads up, as for the breakin your the 3rd person to tell me to just go BALLS TO THE WALLS, but then alot of other people are telling me that if you want the Jet Ski to last you longer to just treat it like theres an EGG on your Jet Ski and you cant break it. some say that breaking it in too much will only make it worse and then some others say that if you go balls to the walls with it when its brand new cuts your engine life in half. I havent taken it out yet and now i dont know what to do.

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    It your choice.

    Here read this and maybe it will help, maybe not. Still if you listen to everyone else then how are you ever going to get on the water and enjoy that puppy. Its a Jet Ski meant to rip and tear it up. Just like dirt bikes. Have at it....

    Read the above and make your own choice.

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    Nice ok, Thanks for the Link that was kind of what i needed!!!

    Sunday is when im taking it out for the first time so ill let you know how it went.


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