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    I have an 06 Rxp viper Red i have been having electrical problems since i got it of the floor. Now i m gonna need to know about the gauges and what should be displayed cause im lost and people are refusing warranty at only 17 hours. Do all you guys have the following when the RXP is on the engine is running. DO all of u have RPM , Speed , vts pitch , compass , water temp , hours , fuel gauge , and water depth? The reason i m asking this i was riding on water and my vts got disabled guage not working or the function of it and my depth of the water tries to work which was never on, and called up extreme motorsports in Indiana and they said well u have to bring it in and we have to see what u broke. My depth gauge did not work since day one my compass took a **** at hour 3 i still kept riding till service came and they said its fine which its is but now i m having 12v low charging going off no vts and depth gauge started magically working but does not know how deep the water is. Extreme Does a saftey check at 10 hours that was bull **** i have a lemon ski and i need your guys help to back my self up.

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    Sometimes just unhooking the battery and then re-charging and hooking back up can solve the problem, but if that doesn't do it, there are lots of smart people on this site who probably have answers for you.

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    Sea-doo has a factory 1yr warranty. All dealers are supposed to fix any problems or defects. It's not a lemon, It just sounds like you need a new dealer! that can properly diagnose the electrical problem. If it needs a battery then they should replace it for u.

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    they need to hook the ski up to the computer and disable the depth finder and enable the VTS

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    SO MY Question is why did the Jet Ski disable the VTS and Enable the water depth finder? So should i have a water depth gauge working or not?

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    I tried unhooking the battery and also unhooking the computer for an day not fixing it.

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    This "dealer" should either find the problem ASAP or go somewhere else. You might want to lightly let them know your intentions because dealers make good $ on service- they should lose your business if they are not attentive. If you find a better one in your area they will take pride in helping you when the other did not. Don't forget that said "dealer" thinks you broke the ski.

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    Not trying to hijack this post but i have never had a water depth guage reading on my 06 RXP. Is it stock or and extra feature ?

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    Its an aftermarket add on for the RXP..The GTX Limited comes with the depth gauge from the factory...

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    Slightly off topic, but a buddy of mine just got an '06 GTX LTD and the entire dash blacked out @ 11 hrs. It's being looked at this week.


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