from the RXT to the X, I have questions for you. And I am also seeking advice.

I have an 07 RXT that in a couple of days will have a brand new motor in it from BRP. Long story short - at 44 hrs, I lost compression in the #2 cylinder. NO ROOT CAUSE yet as the motor was pulled and a new one is being trucked in. ANYHOW - Prior to going back to stock, my mods were enough to pull 2 different X'S and pretty much keep on going.

I am contemplating the idea of trading her in and getting a T-X. I like the new model with the VTS, Steering and SPEED and the looks etc. I would be very happy with the performance of the stock ski. It sucked pulling all of the mods off of my rxt to get it back in for service. And if I decide to keep her, Putting all of the stuff back in is gonna suck again. LOL!

So here I am...thinking of what I should do. Trade her in for a ski I can run as is and sell off my upgrades or put the upgrades back in, buy a UMI setup, locate/purchase VTS and GO RUDE?

I looked on KBB and trade in value for the RXT sucks. For those that have done it, how much did you get for the trade? As soon as the engine is in, I will do some battling with the dealer to see what I get.

I welcome any comments and or advice. Thanks in advance.

Mounted MODS - XS, 42's, Free Flow Exhaust, 4" Intake, S3/Metal Washers, Catch Can, 14/19 SKAT, 2.5* wedge, OPAS BLOCK UP, Groco/Ball Valve, Boost Gauge, Trimmed Revers Bucket.

UNMOUNTED - Skegs, Opas Removal, Reduction Nozzles with 80-83 rings, GIBSON.