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    well i got a project

    so today i was searching craigslist and for a 2001 sea doo gts hull so i drive the 20 miles and take a look at it it still had the gas tank but not seat or hood or steerring or a engine just a bare hull with a gas tank and lines and some wiring and little odds and ends any ways long story short i offer the guy 50$ and he said sure so this is how it looks let me know if u think i got a good or bad deal on it oh and theres only one little bump in it and the bottom is actully really clean for siting on the ground oh and its a 2001

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    I guess you gotta start somewhere..Good luck...


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    i hate to let you down but i get them free complete,, you will spend way more time and money than its worth, unless you just like a long project than youll have spent 3-4 k for a $1000 ski

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    well its not like i am gonna make a racer out of this im going more cruiser that has some power

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