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    Troubleshooting 03 GTX

    I am trying to diagnose an engine problem with my 03 GTX 4TEC SC. ~25 minutes into a ride a few days ago the check engine light came on. I shut the engine off, waited a few minutes and restarted and ran for another 5 or so minutes until the same thing happened. This sequence repeated several times before I reached my destination - in one instance H-TEMP appeared on the display instead of CHK ENG. Unfortunately I did not realize how to read the fault codes using the set button until after the trip. The next night, I ran the boat for 45 minutes at similar speeds, etc without incident. I pulled the plugs to inspect and noticed that the ceramic on the middle plug suggested lean operation as the ceramic was essentially as white as new.

    Any thoughts?

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    A couple of years ago that happened to my 03 GTX SC LTD. I don't remember the code but it ended up being my exhaust temp sensor. As I recall it was a pretty inexpensive part and fairly easy to replace.

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    might be the oil pressure sensor,the ones on the 03's were notorious for going bad....had to replace 2 of them on my 03...

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    it could be a number of things. also could be major issues like worn plain bearings or damaged oil pumps. i would check the oil pressure yourself or have a dealer do it. it might be worth it if it could cause severe damage.

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    Did you get a code?

    Scott: What hours are on the ski? The check engine light can come on for regular maintanece 10Hr 50Hr 100Hr.
    Check for a code when the light comes on just turn the ski off don't pull the lanyard. Hit the set button five times and see if you get a code.

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    74 hours on the ski. MAINT comes on each time I start the boat - I assume this is because I did the last oil change myself and still need to get the dealer to reset the timer.
    Do you know if fault codes are stored on the ECM and if they can be read by the diagnostic tool?

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    I would think that it is the oil pressure switch. But you can't check codes without the BRP software and interface. But it is major enough to throw it into limp home mode then you should have the codes pulled. Maybe you are cool enough with a small dealership to have them just pull codes for you

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