I have an 01 GPR with 50 hrs. Premix convert, D-Plate, Island Racing modified Carbs, Flame Arrestors, Pro-Tec head, NuJet Impeller, Riva Sponsons, Wave Eater clips and sponsons and an interchangeable 3 degree exit, 5 degree exit, Riva Ride Plate, Riva intake grate, Riva sponsons. Very Good Condition. Only blemish are where previous owner touched a couple spots on the nose with marine tex and its started fading a little pink, but you have to be right on top of it to see it. On a Yacht Club Trailer

I would like to work out a swap for an XLT, including which go-fast parts I want to keep (like the Pro Tec head and swap out the pump, if it can be done from an GPR to an XLT).

I would consider selling it outright, too.