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    Test Drive Went Great!!!! Except.....

    Ok well we took my raider out for a test drive after puttin everything back together and it ran great! If you remember i took out one of the waterboxes and did that little PVC pipe thing on it. Well it sounds like a BEAST! The only bad thing about the ride was I was on a lake that i have never rode on(it was the closest one to house) and i got stopped by the Lake Patrol and he asked if that was my first time i said ya we are just testin it out just finished repairing it. He goes well the speed limit is 25! I'm thinkin in my head you mean i just was goin WOT in a 25mph speed zone
    I was like im srry and then went back going 25. Another cool thing was I got my driving permit today!!! (i no its off subject) and the second time i have ever drivin on public rodes i was pulling my jetski behind me. I was nervous as heck.

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