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    Favorite Type of Riding?

    My brother and I had this big argument about what type of riding is the best. I enjoy wave jumping (riding in the inlet by my house is the best). On the other side my brother enjoys riding in this place we call "The Flatts." It is just a long, narrow strip of water that has an island on one side and the mainland on the other. It's normally dead flat there.

    So, what is your favorite type of riding? Wave jumping or speed/drag?

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    Talking Waves!!!!!

    waveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaves waveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaves waveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaves waveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaveswaves

    Oh - my choice is wavejumping.


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    Drag racing,full handling,arm stretching pull,ive gotton to the point this year that top speed is no longer my chase.Been chasing #'s since 01' and spend more time under my ski's than riding them.Long distant rides bore me to death.I enjoy wacking the throttle and passing everything up in a hurry.
    Faster1200 rides the same style,going out for some 'kills' as he calls it.

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    I love riding.. And that is why Lake MI is the best! I get 8 foot small craft advisories, 5 foot rollers, 1-3 foot chop and light ripples. I can go fast, splash around, do some casual jumping and then some extreme psycho stuff... Sometimes in the same day!

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    I tell ya, there is nothing like a jumping big wakes a calm day, imo the best of both worlds!

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    Jumping waves in the ocean does it for me. I also love drag racing but if I had my choice I would be jumping waves all day long

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    chasing boats and hi speed ferries ,and playing in there wake must be 4-5 m high and they are fast 50 ish ,can not keep up if its choppy!

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    i want to go wave jumping in the ocean. i plan on going to the keys for a week next winter

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    I like to do the type of riding of who gets to 80+++ first usually in 1/8 & 1/4 distances.

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