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    Battery Question

    When I am done using my ski's for the day should I disconnect the battery? I have only owned ski's for about 3 years now and two of the three years I had to buy a brand new battery. Could it also be because I don't put my ski's on a maintainer/ trickle charger over the winter?

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    nah you don't have to remove the battery if its left for a while... mines been parked in a neighbours garage without its Battery tender.. its been there (battery)plugged into the ski for about a month now with no starts , I threw back the removed fuel lines primed it and I fired her up without a prob about an hour ago ( prepping it for this weekend)

    Where is the Ski Stored???

    if its stored outside with the battery still in it the Acid freezes solid and crush's the plates... I store mine inside (both ski and battery in a heated garage) and have a unit called a battery tender, you plug it in and leave it. it will trickle and recondition the battery and keep it at its full charge... mine still uses the same battery for quite a few years now even tho the battery that was purchased was the bottom of the barrel cheapo...

    if I have to store the ski outside I remove the battery, stick it on one of my electronics storage shelf with the battery tender hooked up and forget about it also comes in handy when the powers out and I hot wire an inverter to it..

    but yes if the battery is left for extended periods of time alone and plugged into the ski it will eventually go dead ( goes dead faster if theres a MFD on the ski aswell)

    The battery tender is about $35 bux and is a great investment
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