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    GP1300R No Spark (2003 Model UK)

    Hi....just purchased a 2003 Model GP1300R with 140 Hours & always ran on Yamalube 2-W
    Ski has been stood since October 2007 & now there is no spark (not even faint spark). I have checked the tilt/incline switch in the front nose & it checks out fine with the multimeter. Have also checked the internals of the same switch & it is spotlessly clean & fully functional.
    Have also slackened the throttle cable right off on handlebar right hand side.
    Have checked fuses in the CDI Box and the 3 AMP one nearest to the side of the hull (Bilge fuse) does blow but I think this is down to the bilge sticking slightly & hence overloading the fuse. Middle 3 Amp Fuse & Main 20 Amp Fuses are both ok.
    When I hold the "SELECT" button down on the front LCD/Dash panel for 8 seconds I get a 01 code.....think this is the correct code which should show ???
    Ski is very clean, no corrosion anywhere in wiring loom block connectors, CDI box looks spotless.
    Engine turns over perfectly under starter power when lanyard attatched & kills it when the lanyard is removed.
    Battery is fine & has been drop tested & checked with an intelligent charger.
    Any ideas guys ?? Could I be looking at TPS (throttle Position Sensor)....if so how do I check it & find it or buzz the wires out with a multimeter ?? Any readings/pictures or info would be really appreciated

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    Do you have the ground attached frm the mag cover to the head? Also the grounding wire from the harness to the PV cover (or head as well?)

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    Might start with all the electrical connections.Salt water ski?

    Welcome to the forum.

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    01 code is normal

    Check and make sure throttle cable is at rest

    Check the rear sensor on stinger (water temp) for open circuit

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    GP1300R No Spark (2003 Model UK)

    Thanks for the feedback Guys....will take a look at the ski later in the day & investigate further.
    Sorry to sound so dumb but what is the "Stinger"....not so sure its a term we use here in the UK ?

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    Hey there Wayne..

    First up welcome to the forum..

    Your stinger question wasn't dumb at all..

    Its a common 2 stroke term..

    The exhaust breaks down as header(manifold) expansion chamber(u pipe) stinger (rear downpipe)

    For your no spark problem:.

    I'd have a look at the handle bar switch.. if the red button is held when the green is pressed...
    This cause's a no spark condition..(handy for checking hours etc without starting the ski..)

    So if the red button is shorting or open/closed circuit (not sure which is normal)
    Then this could be your fault..???

    Good luck with it


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    Hi Gerry....thankyou for your recent reply. I sat & typed two lengthy replies & I tried posting both here but I got a message saying that the message could not be shown or something similar. I tried back spacing to retrieve the lengthy mails on both occasions & lost them both. So basically that was a complete waste of time.
    I dont know if this post will go thru ok or not but i best make this one very brief....
    I'm almost certain that my NO SPARK issue is TPS (throttle position sensor) related. I slacked the throttle cable off at handle bar end & I used a long screwdriver to push down on the throttle mechanism located below the CAT. This brought back spark immediately & I started/stopped the ski 8 or 10 times without any trouble whatsoever. My Spark just disappeared once again.
    Do you or anyone reading this post know if I can bypass the TPS ? Do I have to remove the full exhaust system to replace the TPS ?
    Any info greatly appreciated
    Thanks Gerry & anyone else who is reading this post

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    Lightbulb Idea..

    Hey again Wayne...

    Here's a thought for you..

    Its unlikely you will be aware of the recent worldwide recall on all (bar some 08's) fuel injected GPR's

    So yours is one of them..

    This recall involves the fitting of a new throttle cable and oil pump cable..!

    Now here's the thing. the u-pipe and stinger need to be removed by the dealer anyway..
    To fit this "new cable" (the oil and throttle cable are one piece..)

    I'd suggest you contact your nearest dealer..!!
    Tell them you have a sticking throttle and would like the recall procedure carried out ASAP..
    Ham it up a little about safety issues etc,

    In the mean time download the workshop manual from

    Also find the recall notice

    If you need to download a copy its post 13

    Now i'm pretty certain they will check the tps output voltage etc..
    So all going well your ski will be sorted for everybody's favourite price..



    PS.. It really REALLY pisses me off when i type a long post/reply and it doesn't work..

    So i know how that feels..

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    Hi there Gerry....good to hear from you once again & the info you have fed me has been absolutely fantastic. I read with much interest about the throttle recall & you were absolutely correct. I called Yamaha Motors UK & after I had disclosed the primary id numbers to them they could see that my ski had only had one of two recalls ever done on the UK Models.
    The two recalls that Yamaha Motors UK mentioned were:
    1/ Throttle cable recall (as you have so kindly mentioned)
    2/ Hull Nut (whatever this may be ?)

    Anyway Gerry they said mine had only had the second recall done so I am now about to contact the nearest dealer to get this thing booked in. I shall keep you posted Gerry & may I say a BIG THANKYOU because your information has been invaluable.
    I'm sure this is going to save me cutting my hands to ribbons anymore....bit of a tight fit that exhaust & throttle etc etc isnt it!!
    Thankyou Gerry, hope you have a good day Sir

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    broken tempature gauge

    hi guys i had the exact same problem, getting no spark, i have a 07 gp1300r, after several hours of fiddling about it turned out to be what appeared to be the temperature sensor on top of the stinger, i unscrewed it from the stinger n it had some how bent the prong, i bolted it back in and disconnected it from the loom n hay presto she fired straight up!

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