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    700SLT overheat warning

    While riding last week the exhaust hose popped off and flooded the ski. Fortunately it didn't flood to the electrical box.

    Upon inspection I replaced the hose using a new clamp but noticed the heat sensor probe was not inserted.
    The probe likely was submerged in the water.

    I reinstalled the probe, flushed the engine , and took the ski back out on the water to get a proper flushing.
    The heat sensor warning goes of after about 5 min.

    I checked hoses and found no obstruction.

    My questions:
    1. Could the heat sensor have been damaged (shorted) while submerged?

    2. How do I check the head for an obstruction? (Tell if water is circulating)

    Any advise will be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    When you say "The heat sensor warning goes of after about 5 min...", do you mean the HOT warning appears after 5 minutes, or the HOT warning goes away after five minutes?

    After riding for a few minutes, if you can place your hand on the engine cylinder heads and the major exhaust components and large hoses, and they are warm, but not so hot you can barely touch them, then you are probably not overheating.

    The heat sensor can go bad, but it is not a frequent failure. Not too expensive to replace, I would imagine.

    Check Babbitts or for new, or check with john zigler for used.

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    Throw the sensor in some hot water, it shouldn't send a ground signal till roughly 180??
    I'm not sure of the temperature in which the sensor grounds, anybody know or remember??
    Check the pop off in the cooling bar and check for wear.
    Make sure the filter in the exhaust is clear (#5) and the connecting hose from exhaust pipe to the water box is O.K. (#9).

    WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums. How about a picture of your ride??

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