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    Angry SLT 780 Full Throttle Problems

    Hi I own a 97 SLT 780 and when givin full throttle the machine has no power what so ever. Looked at the water seprator and that seems like it is getting full of fuel and after pulling it the first time it seemed like it was pressurized and fuel kept dumping from the main body of the water sperator. Cleaned the seperator and the screen filter and then tried ski but with the same result. Did just change the battery because the old one went completely dead is there maybe some kind of computer reset cause of the complete power loss? Please if anyone has any ideas im open to suggestions. Ive done some searches on the internet and found alot of people with similar problems but no one with solutions.

    Thanks, Jim

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    Jim WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!
    I'd first check compression and verify you are running on all 3 cylinders.

    Pinch off the fuel return line and if she comes to life, let us know but you'll probably be looking at a fuel issue.

    So let us know what compression is and if pinching the line does anything.

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    Too much pressure in tank could mean a clogged breather, or lines. Pinching the return might increase the pressure on the carbs and clear the jets.

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