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    stx-15f Changing Oil

    Let me start by saying great forum. There are some very nice skis here, and I wish mine had a little more done. It is a 2006 15f, while is just fine, as my wife says. I could use a little more.....

    Well any way, I finally decided to change the oil before the hitting the water this summer, and i have no idea where pump it from. I see the fill spout, surly this isn't were you pump from as well.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    1st. welcome to the forum! you need a vaccuum pump to suck the oil out of the dip stick hole. and i take it that you're changing your oil filter too, besure to stuff some rags down there because the filter is mounted up-side-down so oil will spill out when you loosen it. also, what oil do you plan on using? if you ride a lot, or work the engine by pulling tubers or skiers, i'd suggest using AMSOIL marine 10w-40

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    Here is the information on the AMSOIL 10w-40 Marine Oil.

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