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    Intake Grate-Lock Washers

    I was working on the ski yesterday. I had to screw the rubber nose cone back on the impeller. Of course taking the intake grate bolts off only one of the inserts came out on me. Instead of using the massive amount of red locktite that BRP uses, Could i just put some stainless steel lock washers on the bolts? Has anyone else tried this? Or should i just stick with locktite and just use a little less.

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    use blue loctite instead of the red

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTXX
    use blue loctite instead of the red
    Correct answer ! You could also fill the void around the bolts with silicone rubber. Makes for less water turbulence and is easy to remove when you want to take the bolts out.

    SD continues to alienate their dealers and customers by using red loctite. Absolutely no reason to do so !!! They must have stock in the soldering gun industry.


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