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    01 gtx di problems help please

    as above im currently looking at a gtx di for a friend.

    it was running like **** but have sorted that out with new plugs,coils,rectifior,and brain all done through main dealer over period of few months.

    hes fed up paying silly labour charges now.
    he was out the other day and the throttle started getting less and less responsive.until at the end tou could hold it for say 15 seconds and it would be at idle then take off.then if you eased off at all it would idle for another 15 seconds then pick up again.idle is alot lumpier than usual also.

    however there was oil residue on block and i think the connector on to the block has split although it was getting dark.where the oil and fuel mix.
    would this be the cause or is this another problem?
    if not what you people think??thanks in advance.

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    Are you saying one of the Oil Injector lines is Split ?

    If so, replace *ALL 3* of them first and do a compression check
    (135~150 psi) to be sure he wasn't experiencing a partial (light) seizure for lack of lubrication and has damaged a Piston Ring.

    Also might want to check the Fuel Pressure, I believe I remember a figure of about 65psi as being normal.

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