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    Question Timing a SLT 700 after new Stator

    Is is necessary to time the engine after replacing the stator?

    I got water in the flywheel case and needed to replace the stator with the ignition upgrade and the bendix. I also went ahead and replaced the starter motor. I found the o-ring on the starter was bad, so I think that's where the water came in at.

    The engine seems to be running good after all this work, I'm just worried I may hurt the engine without timing it. It's a SBT replacement that's 3 years old. When I replaced it 3 years ago the SBT manual didn't say it would need to be timed and it worked fine then.

    If I have to time it, what's an inexpensive tachometer that will work on the 2 cycle engine? The manual says the RPM's need to be at 3000 for timing. Will Tiny Tach 1c model work for timing the engine?

    Thanks David

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    Any induction timing light will work. If you have the CDI with the port on it there is a tuner that can be plugged in to it and you can adjust the timing 2 or 4 degrees each way with out having to remove the flywheel and physically move the stator.(if the timing is off). We have a package floating around somewhere with the adjuster in it, I think for a deposit,it can be borrowed,with the deposit returned upon everything coming back. AL may have it now.
    I just bought a Polaris Video that covers the Generation III PVL Ign system. As soon as I can get it to DVD,I'll have copies to give out.
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    Thanks for the info!

    The CDI does have a port on it. That would be great to be able to adjust the timing without taking off the flywheel cover. Please let me know if I can use adjuster. Does this adjuster allow the timing change without the need for a tach?

    On this model you can't adjust the stator position. You have an adjustment on the flywheel to adjust the timing. This is easer as the flywheel doesn't require removal.

    I have a timing light, my main question was about the tach. The RPM's need to be a 3000 to adjust the timing. Can the Tiny Tach be used for this?

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    Timing adjustment.

    The 700 has a very flat timing curve.. (look for the specs) The curve only varies by two degrees and is the same from approx 1500 rpm to approx 4000 rpm.. Be sure to find the specs first..

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    Is the stator in the correct position???

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    It can only be installed one way as there's no adjustment. The only variation could be screw alignment differences.

    The main question I had was what is an inexpensive tach I could buy that would work on a 2 cycle engine? I found a tiny TT226NR-1C and was wondering if anyone knows if this will work well enough for timing the engine?


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