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    Exclamation Cheap flywheel puller!!! and ???

    Dont tell but, it cost me $5 worth of nuts, bolts, big washers, welder, a grinder, a little , and I made a $100 tool to remove my flywheel.

    Silly question, Does it matter what position the stator is put back on. Its not, but I had a hard time getting the wires tucked under it with out pincing them??


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    Quote Originally Posted by pwc311 View Post
    ...Does it matter what position the stator is put back on?
    It's not, but I had a hard time getting the wires tucked under it with out pinching them...
    There are timing marks on the edge of the stator, that must be aligned with the crank case seam. The Service Manual covers this, I think.

    'It's not' what?

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    Sorry to hear that. has a heavy duty flywheel puller for around $45.

    Isn't there a "strap" on the back of the stator holding the wires from being pinched?

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    Or, you can get a $10 steering wheel puller from autozone or o'reilley, get a shorter drive screw and correct size screws to bolt to the flywheel...thats what I used for the Hurricane and it worked very well!

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    or if you have a harbor freight nearby a gear puller from them is 10 dollars and it works great.

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