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    What do you take with you?

    (2006 Challenger 180 CS)

    Hi Guys,

    Been lurking around here for a few weeks now and have learned a ton! My supercharger is currently on it's way back from Jerry with new SS washers and a green wheel. Intake is ready to go in once it gets back and I will be adding a new prop soon. GREAT SITE and GREAT MEMBERS!!!!!

    I am taking off to Lake Powell, AZ for our anual houseboating trip this week and was wondering what you guys take with you on big trips... I mean more mechanical things in case your boat takes a dump. I have all of my tools packed up already... but should I be taking an extra set of plugs? Oil (if so how much)? What else (besides a ton of beer!)???

    I will be there for about 10 days and will be pretty far out on the lake... no way to get to a shop... so what do I need?

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    beer covers it...... maybe the wife? but bring the girl friend

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    xtra fuses & JB Weld. Make sure all your nuts & clamps are tight before you leave. A little lock-tite wouldn't hurt. They have a way of vibrating loose & dropping out.

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    #1 tool to take with you on any seadoo is something to pinch off the hose going to the exhaust pipe so you can be towed without drowning your motor.
    I also highly recommend a spark plug wrench and the addition of a second battery whether you are running an AMP or not, cause these things dont have a pull cord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfnnslsq View Post
    #1 tool to take with you on any seadoo is something to pinch off the hose going to the exhaust pipe so you can be towed without drowning your motor.
    Cool... thanks for the tips.

    Great idea for towing... when we motor the house boat out we tow the boats for a couple of hours. So this tool... I looked for something at Pep Boys and they didn't have anything... could I just use a vise-grip with a couple blocks of wood or rubber wedged in between so I don't damage the hose? And which hose am I pinching?

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