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    good opas options

    what are the adv and disadv and preferences?
    for cc, and then for endurance, tracking, turning, porpoising:
    1) leave opas alone, add spons like riva or aftermkt
    2) simple block off
    3) re or riva block off

    would like to know, because i'm reading diff in opinion on handling in diff conditions for options 1 and 3...have seen nothing good about option2.

    how did you solve your porpoising issue? has anyone stepped the spons?


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    lol...that aint good...ordered #2...on their way. I guess I could always sell them and go for #3. I will try them first

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    In my opinion which may be worth nothing but here it is. I have two Doo's with the OPAS the first was my 05 GTI in which the were non functional, they just stayed down all the time, and my present 07 RXT in which they are functinal I did not realize how much the ski loosened up after I removed them. I ride offshore a lot and I like to ride in and around the surf line when its standing up. I could feel the ski drag, and catch hard locks when I had OPAS on. After I removed it and installed the RIVA blockoff kit, the ski back end just glides in and out of the surf now. Which is great for me, but for new riders (not sure what your level is) it may not be best solution because it does require a bit more of an aggresive riding stance. You will need to actually power in and out of turns and power to steer, which is what OPAS was designed to reduce, the off power lack of steering. RIVA now has new kits available for the RXT now like the RXP. It actually adds surface to the area back there near the transom, where mine just blaocked off the holes and added a plate. They are extremely easy to remove and install the new stuff. Good luck, if I may be of anymore help let me know.

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    I am not a racer, but just your typical rec rider and I pefer the OPAS on both my RXP's.
    I have ridden a ski with RE blockoffs and aftermarket sponsons and it is a little more forgiving.
    It also it more predictable in the chop.
    But, I still prefer the OPAS with its quick turning ratio and less aggressive sponsons because I have my 16 year old daughter that rides and my wife prefers the OPAS also.
    My personal .02

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