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    Help needed with ZXI 900

    My buddy has a 96 zxi 900. Ever since he bought it a few years back, he had trouble starting it. You would have to keep hitting the start button a bunch of times til it would actually start the jet ski. You could press it for a few mins and it was like there was no battery hooked up. There was no response, just dead...then after a bit it would fire up. I thought maybe it was the solenoid because I jumped acrossed it and it fired right up. Replaced the solenoid and its still doing the same thing. I think we have it narrowed down to the start button on the bars but not 100%. Does anyone know anything about this stuff or ran into this problem before. Is there any wiring diagrams floating around on here. Don't want to purchase a manual just for that. If anyone can chip in on this one please help us out. Thanks!


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    Check/clean all of the electrical connections. A little corrosion will cause issues like this sometimes.

    Then you should be able to check the switch operation with an ohm meter.

    Don't forget to check the lanyard switch as well.

    Let us know what you find.

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