San Francisco man dies at Lake Berryessa
4:30 p.m.
Monday, June 23, 2008

A San Francisco man drowned at Lake Berryessa on Saturday.

Pirado Elvis Martinez, 23, was airlifted to Queen of the Valley Medical Center where he died that night, according to sheriff’s Lt. Jean Donaldson.

A sheriff’s boat patrol deputy was on the lake near the Putah Creek Resort, when he was flagged down by a woman.

“The woman was on shore and saw that the victim who was in the water was in trouble. She jumped into the water to help him, but he went under, and she couldn’t find him,” Donaldson said.
The deputy located Martinez, took him to shore on a Jet Ski and administered CPR, Donaldson said.

Martinez was camping at the resort.
This is the second drowning this year at Lake Berryessa.

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Skip M. wrote on Jun 23, 2008 5:18 PM: " (Part 1) *** I wrote this earlier this year as a letter to the editor. It was not published because I no longer live in Napa. But it seems the (inevitable) incidents I was warning of are taking place at a rapid rate, so I will post this as a story comment instead. ***

As the weather heats up, we will be drawn in ever greater numbers to the lakes, rivers, and streams for the refreshing waters. Life long memories will be formed and family and friendship bonds will be strengthened.

While we venture out on our expeditions, let us all remember to make all those memories we create good ones. Be safe. A moment’s carelessness can result in a lifetime of regret. As we take to the roadways, let us all remember that there are others on those same thoroughfares, including our own loved ones. Keep the speed down, don’t try passing where you know you should not, and if you’ve been drinking, just stay put or call for a ride.

At the lakes (Berryessa, Folsom, Clear Lake), keep those life jackets on, even you expert swimmers. Yes, you will get tan lines, and the life jacket hides those six-pack abs, but dead bodies are rarely attractive. Boat owners and renters, don’t be shy about standing your ground and requiring anyone on your craft to ware that lifejacket (properly secured). Your friends are very cool, but after they drown, they are flat out cold. "

Skip M. wrote on Jun 23, 2008 5:17 PM: " (Part 2) As for you on those Personal Water Craft (Jet Skies), we are all very impressed by your acrobatic skills, and if I really want a closer look at your performance, I will get out my binoculars. Please do not ride anywhere near my boat. Stay at least 150 feet away from any other craft on the water. I have yet to see any boat or water craft that has breaks. If you dump your PWC in front of my boat, and I do not have room to maneuver away from you, I am going to run over you. Nothing personal, my boat just does not have breaks, and neither does yours. And after my boat has gone over you, and you have been chopped into fine fish bait, I might be sued, but you will be dead. I will likely recover from the lawsuit, but you will never recover from being dead. And quite frankly, that is not one of those lifelong memories I want for myself, my family, you, or your family.

Sure, accidents happen. But it seems that the one common thread in every “accident” is a disregard for basic safety somewhere along the way. If we all keep safety first in mind, we can all have fun and avoid those nasty accidents. "