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    96 xp

    i just bought a 96 xp ported polished. had 2yr old gas. i ran it 3 to 4 times ity started and ran great. now its hard to start gotta give it throttle to start and is very sluggish off the start. then runs like a rapped date after half throttle... any sugg. why its hard to start and why its sluggish...

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    Old fuel will varnish after that long. Most likely the carbs need to be taken off and soaked in the commercial carb cleaner for 20 minutes or so. That stuff is very hard on alluminum and brass so don't go longer than 20 minutes and rinse that stuff out well afterwards. Most likely what has happened is the pilot jet has some partially plugged holes from varnishing. But becarefull too, if there is any plugging in the highspeed circuit you could be running it very lean and looking for a blowup. I say pull the carbs and give em a good cleaning. Clean out the fuel separator too and if it hasn't been done yet, change over those gray tempo fuel hoses to some new lines. Oh and do yourself a huge favour...get rid of that choke system and go with a primer. I did and mine starts 10x faster and less wear and tear on the starter.

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    thank u.. my mechanic pulled the carbs apart 2day and r cleaning them tomorrow. i thought that would be the issue.

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